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As the oldest Home Care provider in Connecticut, we have been fulfilling our motto, “Commitment to Serve,” helping Connecticut’s seniors remain independent in the comfort and security of their own homes.

Why Choose Us?

  • Caregivers: Our caregivers appreciate working for a company that truly cares about both about their needs as well as the needs of clients. This is shown by the fact that in home care, the average caregiver retention rate is just 46% but we are proud to have a retention rate of well over 80%.
  • Reputation:  As the oldest Home Care company in CT, Charter Oak Home Care has stood the test of time and receives a steady stream of referrals which we take as our highest compliment.

  • Specialized Staff Training: All our staff regardless of past experience must study for and pass rigorous testing.  They must also pass field training under the supervision of experienced trainers before caregivers can serve on their own.

  • Family owned and veteran operated: Since our founding, Charter Oak has been family owned and operated.  It’s founders are both former military who have made a career of both service to our Country and service to their community.

  • Commitment: to serve with excellence in all we do.


Our motto “Commitment To Serve” applies to all the services offered through Charter Oak Home Care. From companions, to homemakers and personal care attendants, we strive to deliver to our family of clients the same quality of service we would wish for ourselves. Most of our care givers have served our State’s elders for many years, and were chosen because of their heartfelt desire to make a positive difference in the lives of those we serve.

“My family has a long history of taking care of our older family members. At age twenty, I helped my cancer ridden, deaf grandmother ambulate from her bedroom to the bathroom at night through a buzzer device in my adjoining room. Twenty years later, I left my marketing position to assist my father in the final months of caring for my mother who was battling bone cancer. At the wish of both of these much loved women, they were cared for at home by those who loved them dearly.

In 1985, I started Charter Oak, dedicated to serving the needs of elders, like my mother and grandmother, who choose to reside in their own homes, cared for by our loving family of caregivers. Our motto ‘Commitment To Serve’ remains as true today as it was so many years ago.”

— Newt Schoenly

Charter Oak Home Care provides a variety of services designed to meet your family’s needs. From homemakers to personal care attendants, we will serve your loved ones in whatever way possible to ensure their comfort, dignity and independence at home. The experience Charter Oak has gained through providing years of elder home services enables us to help you evaluate options. Together, we can tailor a service plan that considers your individual needs and preferences.

“Over a period of many years, we have found Charter Oak Home Care to be dependable, reliable and thorough. Charter Oak has never let us down. They take the worry off of our shoulders.”

—Mrs. B.Z., Torrington, CT

Committed to Serving You at Home

We customize our service to meet your needs and give you peace of mind.

Free In-Home Assessment
Free In-Home Assessment