As the weather begins to warm up, there is no better time for you and your loved ones to start implementing some physical activity into your weekly routine. Whether the activities are indoors or outdoors, being active can do wonders for your health and is also a perfect way to spend quality time with your loved ones.

Physical activity may sound daunting, especially for seniors. However, the truth is no matter what stage of life you or your loved ones are in, there are varying levels of physical activity which can help you to slow and even reverse the aging process. Below are some exercise ideas for you:

  • For a wheelchair bound loved one, encourage them to try out some simple movements, such as tapping their toes, making arm circles, or raising one knee at a time. Another tip is to play your loved one’s favorite song in the background and join in with them!
  • If you or loved ones have access to a pool, water aerobics are a great exercise! They allow your body to move without putting too much stress on your muscles and joints.
  • If your loved one is mobile, taking a simple, light walk around the neighborhood is a great way to socialize and get some fresh air while also getting your body moving. Make sure you bring a water bottle with you on your walk!
  • If you’re nervous about the physicality of any of these activities, you can start off with exercising your mind. Try to put together some puzzles or play a game of chess just to keep your mind sharp!

No matter what exercises you try, just remember any type of physical activity is better than doing nothing at all. A good goal to set for yourself should be to make PROGRESS, not to be perfect. Making a valid effort to become more active is a step in the right direction.

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